www.IstBooking.com is a reservation portal where costumers meet the hotel directly. www.IstBooking.com searches hotels in order to provide our costumers the best deals and lets them choose the best hotel that fits to their need. They can compare each hotel conveniently. That way our costumers have the ability to reach the hotels online booking service and reserve directly with the hotel. www.IstBooking.com keeps the confidential data between hotel and the costumers, even www.IstBooking.com does not obtain or save your private data. The payment methods may vary from hotel to hotel so it is not limited with certain methods.

Why use www.IstBooking.com?

  • Directly with the hotel
  • Confidentials data including Credit Card information will not be shared (between costumer and hotel only)
  • Booking is confirmed by the hotel rapidly ,so no overbooking risk.
  • Flexiable payment methods.
  • Easy and fast hotel search
Company Information
Arpies Yazilim Bil. Tur. Dan. Ltd. Şti.

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